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So often your drainage system is overlooked, handling the most unpleasant but extremely critical waste on your property. With the potential for damage caused by a blocked drain, it’s extremely important that the removal of wastewater is efficient with the safety and hygiene of your property on the line. Often drains only receive the maintenance and attention once a problem occurs. With age these problems can multiply and go from bad to worse. If your drains need attention, whether it be a drain line replacement or replaced altogether, the Ontario plumbers from Tom Day Plumbing & Drains will promptly get your drains running smoothly in no time.

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Solid Drain Repairs  

If left unattended drain line leaks can be quite serious and lead to more structural damage. A leak in your drain line causes wastewater to seep into the surrounding area. On occasions this will lead to excess water in the surrounding area, on other instances a slab leak might occur which is a homeowner’s nightmare. Our plumbers will instantly figure out exactly where your leak is, Identify the cause and let you know the best repair option.

Secure Drain Replacements

In some cases, a drain will be so badly decayed or damaged that the only viable option is a drain replacement. A few factors contribute to whether it’s a big job or not. Having to excavate your drain will be a last resort and involves digging up the line, cutting it out of your system, then putting in a new line lasting you years to come. 

The other option is called trenchless pipe repair which places a new drain line in place without getting rid of the old pipe. The old pipe will act as a shell and run a new pipe through it reducing the risk for major environmental damage and therefore is an easier solution.

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