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Garburator Installation & Repair Toronto

If you’re considering installing a garburator here’s a few good reasons to help you make that decision a little easier:- 

  • Garburators can help in making kitchen clean-ups faster, as well as a reduced kitchen odour. 

  • Garburators can help you dramatically reduce your plastic usage to dispose of food waste 

  • To help reduce the possibility of food clogging your pipes and sink 

  • To become more environmentally conscious and do your part to help the environment by reducing waste in landfills 


Installing a garburator can be easy enough if you’ve got some good instructions to follow. Below are some steps to help you along the way. 

  1. Begin by shutting off electricity to the unit at the service panel.  

  1. To install the new drain assembly, begin by rolling a mound of plumbers putty on the counter until you have a 1/2-in.-thick, 10-in.-long piece. Stick this putty around the bottom of the drain and press the drain firmly into the sink hole. 

  1. To finish the drain assembly, slide the cardboard washer and backup ring onto the drain spud. 

  1. Follow with the mounting flange and retaining ring. Snap the retaining ring onto the drain spud. 

  1. Tighten the bolts with a slotted screwdriver until most of the putty squeezes out and the drain feels snug in the sink. 

  1. Wire it up. It tends to be easier to wire the new disposer before you install it. 

  1. New disposers do come with a dishwasher discharge nipple in place, but the nipple comes plugged in case you don’t have a dishwasher. So if you plan on using the dishwasher fitting, pop the plug out with a screwdriver and reach inside the disposer to get it. 

  1. Lift the disposer up to the sink drain and engage the tabs of the mounting ring. Once you have begun the ring, you can slip a screwdriver into one of the tab slots and rotate the ring clockwise until it bottoms out. 

  1. To plumb the disposer’s drain outlet, fit the rubber washer over the flanged end of the plastic crosspiece, and then slide the metal flange on from the other end. Tip the bottom side of the metal flange into its slot in the disposer and tighten the fastening bolt through the top of the flange. 

  1. Trim the crosspiece to length, connect it to the drain tee and install the P trap. 



If these steps didn’t provide a solution for you to install a new garburator, you can contact us and we will do it for you! Call us at (416) 480-0622 or email us at [email protected] . Here at Tomday Plumbing & drains we do plumbing installations and drain repair throughout greater Toronto, and have been trusted by homeowners here for more than 30 years! Tom Day Plumbing & Drains is a locally owned, fully licensed and insured company that provides fast and professional service when you need it. So don’t hesitate to call us for all of your plumbing and drain needs. 


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