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How to Fix a Clogged Drain

Most of the time clogged drains occur due to debris or some external objects stuck in the drainpipe, or it could be a built-up residue that makes the drain gets blocked. Many homeowners feel that their biggest challenge is how to fix a clogged drain, and if it is not fixed quickly, then it can become a more serious issue and the drain gets into a messy situation.

Most of these plumbing systems develop clogs, which is not avoidable in any case. But, there is a way to fix these clogged drains including bathtub, kitchen sink, floor drain, and toilet. The best and proven techniques can help you unclog any drain. But, in any case, if you are unable to clear the drain by yourself, then make sure to call a licensed plumber to avoid permanent damage to the fixture or pipe.

Tools that are required to fix a Clogged Drain:

To fix a clogged drain, the first and foremost tool that is very helpful is a plunger. The plunger can unclog from most fixtures, including bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Every individual must have a plunger in their home as it is a very handy tool to clear clogs.

If the debris or foreign particles are found farther down in the pipe, then you must use a cable auger, which is also known as a plumber’s snake. It is a long supple steel cable looped around a coil that is fixed with a hand crank. This tool is available in different lengths from 25 feet to 100 feet, but most of these drain system models can be cleared with a 25-foot Cable Auger effortlessly.

To clear the Toilet drains you can use a closet auger as it is made specifically to clear clogged toilets. This tool also contains a hand crank, but it is enclosed in a strong shaft instead of a spool. You can bend the auger end to a precise angle so that it can fit into the constricted bends of a toilet trap.

If the clog is far from the fixture or a large clog, then you can get an electric power auger for rent. The powered auger is a large cable auger run by an electric motor, and it is very perfect at clearing any clog, including matted tree roots. Before renting a power auger, make sure to learn about the operation from the rental agents as they can assist you with how to retrieve and dispense the cable safely. 

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