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How to Fix a Leaking Faucet

Do not neglect a leaky faucet, it is not just a plumbing issue, it can also waste a lot of water if it is not fixed immediately. Whether it is leaking under the kitchen sink or dripping in a bathtub, then don’t delay, make sure to fix it instantly. The dripping sound of a leaky faucet is not just a nuisance but it can turn into a big problem if it is not taken care of properly. However, the best news is, now, you can fix a leaking faucet by yourself, including a compression faucet in your kitchen. But, if the problem is not as simple as you expected, then make sure to take a professional plumber’s help immediately.

Tools require fixing a Leaking Faucet:

  • – Adjustable Wrench

  • – Allen Wrenches

  • – White Vinegar

  • – Channel-lock Pliers

  • – Spray Penetrating Oil – if required

  • – Flathead Screwdriver

  • – Scouring Pad

  • – Phillips-head Screwdriver
  • – Replacement Faucet Cartridge –if required

  • – Washers and Seals

Shut-off the Water:

Before fixing the leaky faucet, shut-off the water and disassemble the faucet. Find the fixture and close it if the faucet has no fixture, then close the valves.

Remove Faucet Handles:

On standard faucets use a flathead screwdriver to remove the caps placed on the top of the handle, and then remove the handle screws. To remove single-handle faucets, use a hex setscrew set, and pull out the handle.

Remove Valve Cartridge or Stem:

After removing the faucet handle, you can see the valve cartridge or stem that should be removed from the body of the faucet. The removal method of the valve stem depends on the shape and style of the faucet.

Most of these Compression faucets contain a brass valve cartridge that can be removed from the valve body. However, most of these faucet valve cartridges are made of plastic or brass that can be removed directly from the faucet body. Also, you can check the faucet manual for instructions to remove the faucet.

Check the Faucet Parts:

Check the parts of the valve cartridge or stem of the leaky faucet. The parts of the faucet depend on its style; this can include rubber O-rings, rubber washers, and ring-shaped rubber seals. Check all parts carefully and remove the damaged ones.

Change Necessary Parts:

Remove the damaged or old parts and replace them with the new ones. If your faucet is old, then it is advisable to remove all the removable parts and replace them with new parts for a complete faucet tune-up. 

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