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Are you thinking about getting a washing machine this year? Then I guess getting a fully automatic washing machine for you would be a great deal, right? However, getting a washing machine delivered to you is one thing, whereas setting it up at your home and installing it is another.

You may get your washing machine to rent, or you buy it once and for all, but you definitely will come to the point where you will have to assemble it and install it at your place all by yourself. However, there is no need for you to worry because we are here to make you learn and everything about how to install a washing machine by yourself.

Here are the steps to connect the plumbing and install your washing machine in the correct way to do your washing yourself in a house with the merest effort.

Analyse And Choose The Perfect Spot

Installing a new washing machine does not mean that you can install it wherever you want. No, you will have to find the perfect spot at your place where you can collect all your clothes and then dump them into the washing machine at the end of the weekend to wash them.

The corner where you set your washing machine must have a socket nearby must be adjacent to a tidy and drywall and have nearby access to the hot and cold water.

Moreover, if you are replacing your old washer with a new one, it can make your first step even more comfortable because you already know the benefits and the cons of that exact spot.

Attach The Water Supply Pipe

As we all know, the washing machine needs a sufficient amount of water supply to work smoothly. If you want to attach your hose with other pipes that go all the way to the water supply spot, that is okay as well. However, make sure that the water supply attachment and the machine must be tight and leakage proof.

Install The Drain Pipe

Now in this step, the drain pipe has to be connected carefully to avoid any chances of leakage.

If the washing machine is near a sewer, you can empty the wastewater in it. However, if there is no drain or sink near the washer, you may have to choose a standpipe option.

But you have to be quite cautious with the pipe to evade any flooding because with time, the line will loosen up, and the water must start spilling in the room.

Test Run

At last, after all these above steps, you must perform a test run before actually washing your clothes in the machine.

Check the drainer, washer, and all other functions of the machine. Ensure that no pipes and hoses are loosened and ensure that the machine hose is connected tightly to a water supply.

If you would like a professional plumber to install this for you then give us a call or submit the contact form below.

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